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The Click2Enter System Has Been Mandated By The State of Tennessee for Use on All Electromechanical Gates
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Sonoma, California, Monday, June 23, 2008 - Legislation that could signal a fundamental change in the way public safety agencies gain access to gated facilities was passed on May 22nd, when Governor Bredesen of Tennessee signed HB649 into law. This BILL, sponsored by State Representative Turner and State Senator Haynes, mandates that any gated community or industrial facility be fitted with a radio-operated controlling device, capable of being activated by the un-modified transceiver radios used today by police, sheriff, fire department, emergency medical, utility and other emergency responders.

HB649 recognized and addresses the growing concerns within the public safety sector that with the proliferation of gated communities, gated commercial, industrial, and educational facilities across the country, it is becoming more and more difficult for emergency responders to gain access. When emergency gate access is delayed, valuable seconds are lost as responders determine the best way to open a closed gate. The provisions of this act apply to any gated facility or community, whether residential, commercial or industrial, and the installation of any new or replacement security gate or barrier at any existing gated facility or community beginning July 1, 2008.

The Click2Enter-I (C2E-I) system is manufactured and marketed by Click2Enter, Inc. of Sonoma, California. The patented device is capable of receiving radio signals from un-modified radio transceivers using the frequencies commonly used by emergency responders throughout the State. The system is silent to support law enforcement operations, and requires no keys, codes, sirens, or flashing lights, all of which can be either detrimental to officer safety as well as perceived as a nuisance by residents. To operate, you only need be in sight of the C2E-I and pulse your radio and the device opens—it’s that fast and simple. For public safety organizations the C2E-I also supports mutual aid operations, and it improves response times. The Click2Enter system is proven, reliable, and MANDATED by many Public Safety agencies throughout the United States.
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