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Click2Enter Granted European Patent Rights
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Sonoma, California, Friday, March 12, 2004 - Click2Enter, Inc. of Sonoma, CA, manufacturer of emergency access controls for gates, bollards, parking-arm controls and roll-up doors, proudly announced that they have just been granted European Patent rights for their unique technology in all cooperating Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) countries.

Pete Sutsos, President and CEO of Click2Enter, Inc. said, “These European patents further strengthen our intellectual property portfolio. With patent rights now firmly established in the U.S. and Europe, Click2Enter, Inc. is quickly becoming a recognized international leader in the field of innovative emergency access control. We will be actively seeking partnering and/or licensing opportunities with companies which have the established global presence to enhance our product roll-out in Europe.”

• The Click2Enter (C2E) is a programmable multi-user device, enabling police, fire and public safety personnel to open gates and other security devices using their own mobile or portable radios.
• The C2E unit will only respond to those tightly controlled frequencies programmed into it, and it has built in security features to guard against false signals.
• C2E generates a printable log of all access attempts showing date, time and activating agency.
• C2E provides emergency response personnel improved response times, and immediate, stealthy, secure, and universal access without the need to find unique keys or remote control actuators, or to radio dispatch for gate codes.

Up to fifty different agencies can be given access to one Click2Enter-I (C2E-I) device. Each C2E-I can operate within the entire spectrum of available frequencies typically allocated to public safety agencies. For public safety organizations, the C2E-I solves the problem of mutual aid access and helps assure officer safety during law-enforcement stealth operations The C2E-I also has a proven track record in the operation of roll-up doors for law enforcement sally-ports and municipal parking garage roll-up door access control.

With the number of schools that are adding perimeter fencing and gates, the Click2Enter truly offers complete and seamless access for emergency responders.

Since its U.S. launch in 2000, Click2Enter-I has proven reliable, fast, simple, secure, and tested. It is increasingly being mandated for new security access installations by a growing number of fire, police, utility and federal, state, county and local government agencies.
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