Click2Enter - Access Control Using Your Radio Transceiver for Public Safety and Authorized Users
Click2Enter - Company Information
Click2Enter was officially incorporated in 1999 with the intent to develop, market, and sell proprietary technology to allow an authorized individual to control any electronically operated mechanism such as gates, doors, roll-up doors, foyer entry doors, etc., with their existing unmodified two-way radio communications device. The majority of our users are public safety agencies. For example, consider a 911 emergency call to a gated residence. The ambulance arrives and opens the gate by simply clicking/transmitting from their mobile or portable radio. No keys to find, codes to remember, or calls to dispatch required. Response times are generally reduced using the Click2Enter system.
Multiple users of electrically controlled mechanisms such as gates, doors, roll-up doors, foyer entry doors, do not have immediate access without having to carry a multitude of control devices such as keys, electronic controls, codes, access cards etc. In particular, emergency response personnel frequently are unable to enter electrically controlled areas/buildings. Multiple users of overlapping systems can't function efficiently without complex and cumbersome access control devices, if any exist at all.

As an immediate example of one particular problem the U.S. Border Patrol, is using Click2Enter's technology to access the many gates which are built into the new fence separating the United States and Mexico. Click2Enter's solution is the only comprehensive system presently available to solve this problem.
The Click2Enter, Inc. product line allows any two-way (transceiver) radio system to act as a key. Our technology replaces various other control devices such as mastered keys, electronic controls such as garage-door openers, keypad codes, access cards, strobe lights, sirens, etc. The Click2Enter system addresses the shortcomings of the products currently on the market, increasing law enforcement officer safety, reducing response time, providing mutual-aid compatibility, protecting valuable gates, and increasing property-owner value.
Codes, Standards, and Laws
Cities and counties throughout the United States have mandated the use of the Click2Enter system by way of codes, standards, and laws. Recently, the State of Tennessee passed a gate emergency access control law that mandates the use of radio-based devices; the Click2Enter is the only product that meets the requirements of that new legislation. There are many more public agencies around the country that are presently evaluating the technology for future mandates as well.
Sales and Distribution Model
Click2Enter, Inc. has a OEM/Distributor/Dealer network that covers the United States and Canada. Our OEM/Distributor/Dealer network is comprised of access control companies, gate/fence companies, commercial door companies, gate/access systems manufacturers, and radio dealers. Thus, our market segmentation is quite diverse, with the overall objective to make the Click2Enter system available to a diverse group of installers and other users through a focused network of value-adding distributors.
The foundational element to the success of the Click2Enter product line is our ability to adapt existing radio technology, which has been in the marketplace for many years, for the purpose of access control. Using tried and true concepts/components, we have modified this radio technology to act as an access control device. We accomplish this by modifying the receiver in some very simple ways:
  • Building a limited range scanner/radio receiver.
  • Turning the scanner/radio into an activation device with smart relay output.
  • Taking advantage of radio transceivers making them access control devices.
  • Layering multiple levels of security for activation.
Vision for Gate Safety
Click2Enter, Inc. is active in the arena of overall gate safety. While the Click2Enter system is directly engaged with the management of gates and doors, including a number of modality options including programmed hold-open and secondary activation capability such as communications, lighting, etc., we as a company are actively engaged in promoting other aspects of safe gate management such as advocating the use of battery backup systems to ensure that gates fail in the "OPEN" condition when the power is out. These kind of concepts need to be incorporated into the everyday lexicon of this market, and by doing so overall gate access will be safer for both public safety agencies as well as the public.

Another area of focus is education and training of the various public safety agencies who mandate and use our products. We have become an industry leader in promoting such concepts as "mutual aid compatibility" and "timed" hold open control. We have been called upon many times by governmental agencies to assist them in drafting codes, standards, and laws which incorporate all of the operational and safety features one would expect to have in any emergency access control system.
Click2Enter, Inc. has an innovative product that solves a myriad of problems in the emergency access control field. Our growth in this market continues to increase by the month. With strong patent and trademark protection, coupled to user demand being driven by governmental mandates we expect our growth curve to continue for many years to come.
Click2Enter, Inc. Management Team
Pete D. Sutsos, President & CEO
Pete worked in the field of law enforcement for fifteen years; Police Officer, City of Petaluma, California (three years); Deputy Sheriff, County of Sonoma, California (twelve years). During his tenure in the field of law enforcement he worked in many different divisions, with the majority of time being devoted to patrol and preliminary field investigations. Retired as a Deputy Sheriff in 1990 as a result of injuries he sustained in the line of duty. In 1991 he returned to school and in May of 1992 received his Associate of Science Degree in Electronics from the Santa Rosa Junior College. In June of 1993 he was awarded a certificate of completion in the Electronics Certificate program at the Santa Rosa Junior College.
Todd Imbler, Director of Sales and Marketing
Todd joined the team at Click2Enter in September 2006. Previously, he was the President and one of the founding partners in Integra, Inc. a manufacturer and marketer of thermoplastic electrical enclosures. Before starting Integra in 2000, he was the Manager of Utility Sales for Carlon/Lamson & Sessions. Prior to joining Lamson & Sessions, he was the Manager of Procurement for what is now First Energy, a large electric utility serving Northern Ohio. Mr. Imbler holds a B.S. Degree in Procurement and Materials Management, in addition to an MBA in Industrial Marketing.

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