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Click2Enter, Inc. and Advanced Systems, Inc. Announce The Release of A New "Intelligent" Roll-Up Door Control System
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Sonoma, California, Monday, January 3, 2005 - Click2Enter, Inc. of Sonoma, CA, manufacturer of access control systems for gates, bollards, parking-arm controls and roll-up doors and Advanced Systems, Inc. of Birmingham, MI, specialists in the design and installation of special purpose doors and door control systems for Industrial use, jointly announce the release of their new intelligent commercial roll-up door control system.

With the growing use of the Click2Enter-I emergency access control systems for the operation of law enforcement sally-port doors, fire house roll-up doors, and other industrial portal controls, Click2Enter teamed up with Advanced Systems to develop an “intelligent” roll-up door control system. The new system integrates the Click2Enter-I as the door activation device with the Advanced Systems intelligent door control system. “We have been getting mounting calls from fire departments around the United States to design a complete, safe and secure Click2Enter system to open and close fire house roll-up doors” said Pete Sutsos, President & CEO of Click2Enter, Inc. “We had worked with Advanced Systems on other projects, and they were a natural partner to help us refine and develop the new intelligent roll-up door system.”

“If a roll-up door accidentally closes on a moving fire engine as it leaves or enters the station, the costs of both equipment damage and loss of response resources can be major,” said Dan McDonald, Industrial Door & Controls Division Manager of Advanced Systems, Inc. “The other challenge, particularly in inner-city settings, is in preventing unauthorized access to the station house and potential thefts before the doors completely close. That’s why the new Click2Enter/Advanced Systems intelligent system is such a great advance in the technology. It monitors the bay during door closure to prevent such entries.”

The new Click2Enter/Advanced Systems intelligent door-control system allows fire department personnel to be able to open and close firehouse doors from their vehicles by simply keying their unmodified radio transceivers. The Advanced System’s programmable logic control system is simply connected to the typical three button door mechanism to take advantage of existing control devices already in place, simply put, the system is designed to work in conjunction with the existing door controller. Since the system is intelligent it continually monitors all the safety and control sensors in place and if a sensor is disabled, the system immediately alerts, pinpointing the problem area for immediate attention. This new capability virtually guarantees complete safety in roll-up door operations. These programmable systems allow each customer the ability to pick and choose those features that best suit their needs. By allowing for individual design each installation can be customized to match the unique cost and operational requirements of the user.

The Click2Enter-I can be programmed to allow mutual aid agencies access to the fire house doors via their own radio system. This feature will be highly desirable when manpower and equipment are shifted from outside areas to support large scale operations. Up to fifty different agencies can be given access to one Click2Enter-I device. Each Click2Enter-I can operate within the entire spectrum of available frequencies typically allocated to public safety agencies. Other applications for use are hospital emergency room bay door control and commercial building bay door control.
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