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The following downloads are to assist you with information and technical assistance with Click2Enter.  We take product support very seriously, if you do not see an answer you are looking for please Contact Us.
Click2Enter Tools V4 With Tera Term V4.78 Programming Software
The C2E Tools V4 with Tera Term V4.78 replaces the original C2E Tools V1 installer program. This version of C2E Tools will program both the new 100 channel capacity model Click2Enter-I.V4 and the older 50 channel capacity models. The only difference will be the interface cable for the new Click2Enter-I.V4, which uses a standard USB MINI cable. Please follow the steps below in order to install and use the new software: - 7/7/2013
Required Downloads, Programs and Accessories
STEP 1: Download and install the Tera Term V4.78. NOTE: During program installation, when prompted, choose the “Compact Installation” feature. Once you have successfully installed this program move onto the next step.
STEP 2: Download the new C2E Tools V4 installer file. This program is stored in Zip format for downloading. Extract the program before Installing. Once saved on your computer click on the file titled c2etoolsv403.msi to install. Once you have successfully installed this program move onto the next step:
Click Here to Download | Downloads: 10,897
STEP 3: Download and install the "USB to UART Bridge" driver for use with a USB Mini cable. This file is in ZIP format and once saved on your computer, unzip the contents and install the proper driver. For 32bit (x86) systems, install CP210xVCPInstaller_x86.exe. For 64bit (x64) systems, install CP210xVCPInstaller_x64.exe. If you're not sure as to which one to install, try the other if the first doesn't succeed. You can only install the correct one.
Click Here to Download | Downloads: 11,306
STEP 4: Download this archived packet containing the programming instructions and the CSV Data Sheet. Complete instructions on installation and where to place the Data Sheet are in the Programming Document.
Click Here to Download | Downloads: 9,846
Click2Enter-II "Sentinel Series"- The Next Generation of Emergency Access Control Systems
For the highest level of security available watch for the future release of the Click2Enter-II. This innovative new product is presently being designed to provide an even higher level of security affording public safety or any authorized user immediate entry via; electronically controlled foyer entry doors; security doorways; lock key boxes etc. The Click2Enter-II will use state of the art encrypted radio transceiver communication transmissions. The same operating procedure will apply to the Click2Enter-II as with the Click2Enter-I. This encrypted technology will make the Click2Enter-II the ultimate security controlled doorway access device. - 8/27/2008 2:53:23 AM
Download | File Size: 396.7 KB | Downloads: 9,065  
C2E-I.V4 Sales Brochure
Click2Enter Sales Brochure - 7/7/2013
Download | File Size: 1.98 MB | Downloads: 11,274  
Click2Enter Web-Site Placement Application Form.pdf
Click2Enter Web-Site Placement Application Form - 5/1/2011
Download | File Size: 176.6 KB | Downloads: 7,938  
Click2Enter Certification Test.pdf - 7/12/2021
Download | File Size: 204.4 KB | Downloads: 1,742  
Gates & Emergency Response
The Perfect Storm For Disaster Article that ran in the May 2008 issue of Professional Door Dealer. - 8/27/2008 2:54:31 AM
Download | File Size: 190.5 KB | Downloads: 9,134  
Responding Behind Closed Gates
Article that ran in the August 2005 issue of Fire Chief Magazine - 8/27/2008 2:55:02 AM
Download | File Size: 1.47 MB | Downloads: 8,038  
System Setup Guidelines Guide For The Public Safety Official
Items for the public safety official to consider when gathering information to be programmed into the Click2Enter-I (C2E) emergency access control units being deployed in your city, county or region - 8/27/2008 2:57:33 AM
Download | File Size: 68.1 KB | Downloads: 6,208  
C2E New Installer Guide Version 4 Firmware V2-07 20th Production Run
Download a copy of the Click2Enter-I.V4 User Manual. This manual provides the product description, product set-up, programming and installation information necessary for a successful Click2Enter-I.V4 installation. - 7/12/2021
Download | File Size: 599.0 KB | Downloads: 2,053  
Click2Enter Gate Safety Guidelines For Aircraft Gate Operations
The Click2Enter-I has become extremely popular for military and civilian airport gate control. Using the Click2Enter-I to control gates with aircraft radios creates a unique set of safety concerns. Please read the enclosed Technical Safety Guidelines to assist you in the design of your project. - 9/15/2008 5:34:09 PM
Download | File Size: 39.9 KB | Downloads: 7,702  
Click2Enter Engineering Specifications
The enclosed set of engineering specifications are abbreviated in order to assist with the initial design or specifying of the Click2Enter-I for gate or door access control projects - 5/21/2017
Download | File Size: 374.5 KB | Downloads: 8,233  
Click2Enter Sally-Port Commercial Door Control Concept Diagrams
Single Bay Three Car Deep Sally-Port Document
The enclosed two diagrams will provide you with a general concept of how the Click2Enter-I can be used to greatest effect when controlling sally-port commercial doors etc. - 9/15/2008 5:36:10 PM
Download | File Size: 51.9 KB | Downloads: 7,281  
Click2Enter Sally-Port Commercial Door Control Concept Diagrams
Single bay Drive-in-Back-out Sally-Port
The enclosed diagram will provide you with a general concept of how the Click2Enter-I can be used to greatest effect when controlling sally-port commercial doors etc. - 9/15/2008 5:37:04 PM
Download | File Size: 46.2 KB | Downloads: 7,384  
Click2Enter Inspection Example
To highlight the importance of establishing an annual testing and certification program of your agencies emergency access control system, the City of Winter Garden Florida Fire and Rescue has kindly provided a copy of the form they developed to support their program. The document you can download is provided to assist you in your efforts of establishing your own emergency access control system annual testing and certification program. - 1/28/2009 4:53:19 PM
Download | File Size: 177.5 KB | Downloads: 7,953  
Click2Enter-I.V4 Door Control Technical Specifications
The new Click2Enter-I.V4DC (Door Control) is designed to support the installation of the Click2Enter, Inc. technology in electro-mechanically locked lobby door applications. - 5/3/2017
Download | File Size: 78.9 KB | Downloads: 10,878  
Click2Enter-I.V4 Heater Kit with Thermostat & Heatsink
Details and Mounting instructions for Click2Enter's newest feature - 4/18/2020
Download | File Size: 93.1 KB | Downloads: 2,148  

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