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Click2Enter “Notice of Access Sign” Does the Job
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Sonoma, California, Friday, July 31, 2009 - Laurie Byers of Tyler Self Storage in Mentor, Ohio tells an interesting story about a recent experience with the Click2Enter “Notice of Access” sign she has displayed at her self-storage facility.

“A couple of months ago, I received many phone calls from an interested renter asking questions about our store,” Laurie began. “This person lived on the other side of Cleveland, about 30 miles away.” The number of calls and the location of the potential customer made her somewhat suspicious.

“One day, the customer came in, filled out the forms, and paid the rent,” Laurie continues. Before leaving, he noticed the Click2Enter sign stating that Police have unlimited access to the property. “Is this true,” he asked?

Laurie replied that yes, indeed, Mentor Police come through regularly at all hours of the day and night, often with their K-9 Unit, looking for any illegal activity.

One of the benefits of the Click2Enter system for Law Enforcement is that it supports silent activation of the gate operator using their un-modified communication radios. No sirens or strobe lights are needed to activate the gate operator that can tip off any “bad guys” as to the presence of police.

The potential renter then quickly left and never used the rental unit.

Was a potential illegal activity avoided? Maybe, but we do know that the self-storage industry is often used by persons needing space for certain activities. Having a space that is fenced and closed to law enforcement tends to assist those engaging in nefarious activities, often to the ultimate expense of the self-storage company. By using the Click2Enter-I gate access control system along with the Notice of Access sign, it is possible to cut down on illegal activity, saving money and improving the environment within the self-storage facility.

Thanks to Laurie and Tyler Self Storage for sharing this experience. If you have any questions about the Click2Enter-I gate access control system, please contact us at 1-877-939-3800 or
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